Where are you based?

I am based in Geneva, Switzerland. I make all my cakes in my home kitchen, and once you have booked your cake we can make arrangements for collection or delivery.

How do I store my cakes?

All our cakes are highly fragile and perishable items as we do not use preservatives. While they should keep well up to 5 days they will need to be stored in a cool, dark and dry space, out of direct sunlight and OUT of the fridge unless in adverse and extreme atmospheric conditions. We recommend storing it in as airtight of a space as possible or wrapping the box in cling film.

Please note that the cakes may contain internal supports such as cocktail sticks and dowels which will need to be removed prior to serving.


How long my cake will last?

Whether your cake is frosted, covered in fondant, filled with cream or is just an uncut sponge, most cakes can withstand room temperature conditions for several days. Just place your masterpiece onto a cake stand with a cover  to protect it from the dust in the air.

If you’re worried your cake is going to melt - for example, if it has a fruit filling - it may be best suited for the fridge so it can stay cool. To ensure the fruity flavor is still intact, cover and put it in an airlock container. This will stop the cake from absorbing any off-fridge funky smells.

Can you make dairy free/gluten free cakes?

Unfortunately we don't have the facilities to make allergy-free cakes at the moment.